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Portal Update

Hi neighbors!

The Board would like to clarify details on the topic of the portal and inclusion of a community forum.

There are two different portals that will be used for our community. The one at is going to be used by owners to pay their assessments and obtain various formal documents. A second portal, NabrNetwork, is the platform that owners will use to submit maintenance requests, post to the community forum and more.

It takes some time for NabrNetwork to get the account for each community set up and integrated with HOA Organizer's software. As soon as they have the account completed, there will be a memo sent out to the community with the many ways you can use it. In the interim, you will continue to receive information through this website, the bulletin board in the lobby, or email/phone with Angie at Angela@HOAOrganizers. Sorry for any confusion, and hope this helps clarify things. Again, we appreciate your patience through this transition.

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